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PixelFive is a web design and development company in Santa Barbara, California. We make modern web sites backed by Content Management Systems that adhere to best web practices and standards.

Our Services: Website Design & Development, Content Management Systems, Expression Engine, Joomla, OpenX ad server, Static Websites, Site Maintenance, Consulting, Training and Web Hosting.

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Noozhawk Real Estate Listings Page

Noozhawk Real Estate Development

Services: Design & Development

Technology: Jquery, Expression Engine

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Eco Slo


Services: Design & Development

EcoSlo wanted to change their current CMS from Plone to something cheap and easy to develop. We set them up with Joomla within 2 weeks. One hour of training later and they were uploading content

Technology: Joomla CMS

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Santa Barbara Surfer.com website

Santa Barbara Surfer

Services: website design & development, CMS training.

Technology: Expression Engine CMS, AdFrontiers Ad Server, Ad SlideshowPro with Director, google analytics, PHP, Coppermine.

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Super Cool and Easy Lightweight CMS

Every professional web designers I know has always wished for a lightweight CMS. I for one, have never found a good one and often end up spending way too much time hacking existing larger systems and generally don't get good results. However, I've recently found a light CMS that is simply excellent. It's called MojoMotor and I made this site with it in less than 5 hours. This CMS has no "admin" panel and everything is done "inline". There are many uselful features, such as multiple administrators and editable zones that are page or site specific. Editing is done simply by login in and clicking on the zone or page you want to edit. The WYSIWUG is clean and easy to use and most importantly, the system works with any of your designs. Very cool little product and the price is only $49. Try it!

What is Canonicalization?

Canonicalization is the process of converting a link like http://example.com into http://www.example.com. The idea is that google may consider the previous URLS as two independent pages and may apply a duplicate content penalty.

The way we have been fixing this is by adding the following code to the htaccess file:

RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^example.com$
RewriteRule ^/?$ "http\:\/\/www\.example\.com" [R=301,L]

Works instantly.

Lightweight Option to Jquery

Yesterday, our good friend Jim Breen of "Seeing is Web Design", stopped by to chat about how awesome we think Jquery is. After singing its praises, we noticed that we tend to actually use a small percentage of its total awesomeness. That is, we make carousels, sliders, tool tips and the accordions and really not much else. So, wouldn't it be nice if there was a javascript library that actually did only these things? Well, there is such a thing and it's called Jquery Tools (it's made by the same folks that built the amazing Flowplayer video player)

We used extensively on the design of Noozhawk's new Real Estate Home page and on the Real Estate listings page. Check it out!

The Text of Your Links Matter

A simple Search Engine Optimization concept:

Which link is better?

a. Click here to learn Jquery OR b. Learn Jquery

If you picked "b" you're right. The idea is that in addition to simply having a link, we now have some information of what the site actually does

This is particularly useful when other sites are linking to yours. For example, a useful link to the PixelFive site would be Santa Barbara Web Design Firm, rather than Click here to go to PixelFive. You get the idea...

Simple Things to do to Improve your Google Ranking

  • Write 1 500 word Blog Post
  • Write 1 Comment on a Relevant Blog in Your Industry
  • Make 1 forum post on a relevant forum in your industry

Pretty simple and helpful don't you think?

Is Your Web Designer Following the Google Webmaster Guidelines?

He/she better! Read all about here. We do :).